MITC members have published a number of books and academic studies; in 2023, we published Touring and Mental Health: The Music Industry Manual.

Edited by MITC founder Tamsin Embleton, featuring contributions from various MITC therapists including Dr Susan Raeburn, Peter Robinson, Whitney O’Malley, Jodi Milstein, Stuart Holliday, Dr Simon Rowbottom and Rosana Corbacho.

A Rough Trade Book of the Year, 2023.

Ryan Dusick

Susan Raeburn and Eric Maisel

Stuart Holliday and Noel Brick

Charlie Baccus and Marie Beau

Heather Ferguson: In Search of Bandhood: Consultation with Original Music Groups

Heather Ferguson: Reflections of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Drummer-Analyst, in Rock Music and Psychoanalysis

Susan Raeburn: Psychological Issues and Treatment Strategies in Popular Musicians: a review, Part 1

Susan Raeburn: The Ring of Fire: Shame, Fame, and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Susan Raeburn: Psychological issues and treatment strategies in popular musicians: a review, Part 2

The MITC Guide to Anxiety Relief and Self Isolation (2020).