Tamsin Embleton

Psychotherapist (MA, MBACP)

About me

I am an experienced attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist and mental health consultant working internationally in the music business.

I specialise in working with creatives and those in the public eye. My clients include musicians, producers and DJs, promoters, tour managers, production managers, label execs, creative directors, and other people who work in high pressure positions.

Sometimes I speak at conferences like SXSW, PAMA, ILMC or The Great Escape and sometimes I write op-ed pieces for publications like Music Business Worldwide, IQ Magazine and Therapy Today. In 2024, I was given the ‘Industry Recognition’ TPi magazine award for my contribution to mental health services in the music industry.

My background

In a past life, I worked as a festival and venue booker, artist manager and tour manager. I’ve been investigating the psychological impact of touring since 2016. Many people suffer physically, psychologically and socially when touring is intensive and welfare provision is overlooked – however, until recently, there has been little by way of clinical guidance or specialist services catering to performers and crew.

In response to this lack of support, I set up the Music Industry Therapist Collective (2018) and published Touring and Mental Health: the Music Industry Manual (Omnibus Press, 2023). Many notable performing arts medicine professionals have contributed chapters that cover a wide range of psychological, physical and relational topics pertinent to touring. I also wove in extracts from interviews held with over 80 high profile touring professionals and artists.

It was named a Rough Trade book of the year 2023 and will be released in Spanish and audiobook format in 2024.

Working with me

I work with clients on a long-term basis, holding sessions weekly.

In psychoanalytic psychotherapy we explore whatever is at the forefront of your mind, piecing together what led you to where you are today, reaching beneath the narrative to examine unconscious motivations and the legacy of past experiences. Giving voice to your inner world in the presence of a witness and guide can be a healing and life-affirming experience. In therapy, we aim to deepen your understanding of yourself and how you move through the world, creating the conditions for you to revise old patterns, develop agency, and forge a life for yourself that feels fulfilling and authentic. There are no exercises, per se, and I don’t set homework.

We work open-ended until you feel better able to cope alone. The relationship between us is the primary conduit for change – I am aiming to create a reliable, stable, nurturing relationship in an industry that can be anything but.

Tamsin’s fees

Session fees:
Tamsin offers:
Initial consultation

50 minutes, free of charge.

Contact Tamsin:
You can email Tamsin on info@embletonpsychotherapy.com.