Consultancy, training and workshops

As well as our one-to-one work with musicians and music industry professionals, we work with music industry organisations and tours of all sizes when they’re interested in providing health services and support to their clients and employees.

How we can support teams:

  • Education: using cutting edge research and bespoke psychoeducation.
  • Cultivation: an understanding of protective factors and healthy behaviours.
  • Development: skills pertinent to personal and professional development.
  • Optimisation: your current support system.
  • Prevention: mental health problems developing, or worsening, through early intervention and identifying who is most at risk.
  • Promotion: psychologically safe work environments.
  • Inspiration: cultural change and increased productivity.

What some of our services look like:

  • Our registered, insured and highly trained music industry clinicians consult for and deliver mental health seminars and workshops on a range of pertinent topics to music companies of all sizes.
  • We work with music industry companies and charities, helping them to cultivate and maintain psychological safety at work.
  • MITC analyses existing processes and services, making suggestions for preventative intervention.
  • We find an accessible way to teach teams about interpersonal dynamics, the importance of early intervention, and recognising red flags of escalating risk.
  • We provide robust psychoeducation and access to full physical and psychological health services

About Music Industry Therapist Collective

  • A global collective of specialist psychotherapists, psychologists and medical professionals.
  • Ex-music business. We’ve all worked across the live sector, media, labels, management and studios… And as artists.
  • We’re committed to providing exceptional care to individuals, couples, groups and companies.
  • Providers of bespoke psychoeducation (publications, workshops and seminars).
  • We’re passionate about improving wellbeing, teamwork productivity and job satisfaction.
  • MITC will support your teams as they traverse the highs and lows of working in the music business.

If you’re interested in working with MITC, get in touch