Rosana Corbacho

Psychologist (Dipl.-Psych.) she/her

About me

I am Rosana Corbacho, a clinical and humanistic psychologist specializing in the music industry. Within my practice, I concentrate on addressing addiction, anxiety, depression, and various disorders, while also fostering personal development for both music creatives and individuals in the music industry. My clients range from individual artists and bands to facilitating group therapy sessions.

In addition to serving as the Health Co-chair of AFEM, I have had the privilege of being invited to speak and conduct workshops at prestigious institutions such as Spotify, Primavera Sound, Mutek, ADE, BIME, and others. Some of my recent accomplishments include leading Tunecore’s in-house Mental Health Awareness Month in New York and participating in residencies at Berklee University Valencia Campus focused on Mental Health. I actively lead group therapy sessions and collaborate with booking agencies, music labels, and other organizations. It was an honor to receive the Keychange Inspiration Award from Amazon Music at Bime Bilbao in 2022.

My background

I started my career in the music industry in London over 15 years ago, working in various roles such as music labels, booking agencies, events, and tour management. While I was extremely grateful to be part of such a passionate industry, I began to notice there was a ‘B’ side to it. Many of my friends and colleagues struggled and didn’t feel understood outside the music world. I felt a calling to pursue a Psychology Degree and Master’s Degrees in Clinical Psychology while continuing to work, as I wanted to assist others using the latest science-based techniques.

Simultaneously, as part of my personal development, I underwent training in humanistic pedagogy PRH, enabling me to help clients unfold their full potential while addressing their symptoms.

To further my education, I underwent supervised training and worked for a period at an addiction recovery center, following the 12-step Minnesota model in Madrid, where I worked with both groups and individuals. Additionally, I recently completed an Expert in Mindfulness course for working with clinical populations.

Almost from the beginning of my practice, I have exclusively worked with artists and other professionals in the music industry.

Working with me

In the sessions, there is always a blend of clinically science-based techniques that provide structure and allow us to measure progress, combined with a humanistic approach. I work in collaboration with the client’s priorities, aiming not only to alleviate symptoms or discomfort but also to facilitate their learning about themselves throughout the process, leading to long-lasting results and resilience.

Depending on personal preferences and life circumstances, I may suggest tasks to be done between sessions or opt for an approach where all the work is conducted during our meetings. As therapy goals are achieved, we mutually decide to space out sessions until reaching closure.

Rosana’s fees

Session fees:
Individuals 150 eur; band therapy 300 eur; group work 500 eur online/1000 eur in person.
Rosana offers:
Intro call
Initial consultation

Free intro call (15 mins); initial consultation 150 eur.

Contact Rosana:
You can email Rosana on