Kripi Malviya

Psychotherapist, Trainer and Consultant (M.Sc. ICAP II) she / her / hers

About me

I see living as a process of holding and celebrating paradoxes, untangling multiplicity and societally conditioned dualities, as well as our conflicts with equanimity. Combining therapy and a quest for social justice, I see healing and change as entwined.

My background

I am a Psychologist, Experiential Psychotherapist and Advocate with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and with an International Certification in Addiction Counselling and Training. I  have worked with adolescents, adults, couples and families with multi-disciplinary teams of international mental health professionals, from varied cultures and therapeutic backgrounds. I have facilitated mental health training workshops in the South Asian and South East Asian regions; including Bhutan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand.

Working with me

The aim of our therapeutic relationship will be to cultivate a sense of curiosity about ourselves and the way we engage with the intersections of the world so that we can move towards courage and healing. Our therapeutic work will explore questions like: How can we be more present and engaged in our lives and our relationships? How can we find meaning, direction and purpose to enable a fulfilling existence? How can we understand where we come from in a way which emboldens us to take responsibility for our lives and dynamics? Our work will focus on championing authenticity, vulnerability, agency, and creativity while working with the whole spectrum of human experience.

Kripi’s fees

Session fees:
Individuals 80 USD / Couples or relationship therapy 100 USD / Band therapy 120 USD / Group work depends on size / Mediation 100 USD. Clients booking for 16 or more sessions are given a 10 percent discount, and for appropriate situations, a sliding scale can be discussed .
Kripi offers:
Intro call
Initial consultation

Contact Kripi:
You can email Kripi on
Tel: +91 9620144056

Location: India

Sees clients: In-person (India) and online (Worldwide)

Client groups: Individuals, relationships and couples, bands, groups, mediation

Duration: Long-term, short-term and time-limited

Types of therapy: Existential

Languages: English, Hindi

Kripi’s professional registrations: APA, SEA, ISSUP