Neema Fauvrelle

Psychotherapist (PGDip)

About me

I see therapy as a space to discover what has happened to you, rather than what is wrong with you – I will listen to your story, notice where you are stuck, and support you to find your own answers to move forward.

I specialise in working with clients in the public eye; I am a London-based, integrative therapist and I approach my client relationships through a compassionate and non-judgemental lens. I have worked therapeutically for over 10 years in a variety of settings: schools, charities for social change, the NHS, and now in private practice, helping individuals safely explore, experience and understand their true, deep-rooted feelings in order to resolve them. I also work with couples to facilitate an exploration and progression or ending of their relationship; regardless of age, race, religious beliefs, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

My initial psychodynamic training as a child and adolescent psychotherapist has allowed me to really hold my adult client’s childhood experiences in mind, and help them link as to how these impact their present. This informs much of my practice, as well as thinking about unconscious processes and working to understand my clients’ patterns of behaviour. My therapeutic approach is rich and diverse, and draws on many modalities depending on the clients’ needs. I hold space for men to sensitively think about the challenges around masculinity, social and cultural expectation and the subsequent difficulties in processing anxiety, anger and sadness. I have extensive experience in working with women who have been affected by early experiences of sexual abuse and childhood trauma and those who suffer with imposter syndrome or perfectionism. I also have experience of working with neurodiversity and support clients who are currently seeking a clinical diagnosis or learning more about living with one and I welcome clients from the LGBTQIA+ community.

My background

As a Label Manager at MTV Networks UK from 2001-2008, I worked directly with artists, record labels, agents and promoters on location and in studio both in the UK and internationally. These years of experience at the heart of the music industry enables me to have an informed sense of the increasing challenges and pressures encountered by artists, creatives, musicians, actors and performers, and those around them. I understand first-hand the pressures of extended time away from family and friends, performance anxiety, fear of failure and/or success, and how these issues can affect mental health. I work without judgement or discrimination and welcome clients from all walks of life, but I have a deep interest in working with BIPOC and have established success in exploring the issues raised around identity and heritage, migration stories, gender bias, tokenism, fetishization, experiences of systemic racism, sexual abuse and substance addiction.

Working with me

I like to offer new clients a free, 15 minute consultation either by phone or via Zoom to hear a bit more about you and what you would like therapy to support you with. We would then meet for an initial 50 minute session to see how that feels and decide in that session whether we would like to begin working together. Sessions will then take place weekly for at least a couple of months to establish a therapeutic rhythm. I believe therapy should be as much a part of the team around an artist, as their vocal coach or stylist – how their inner world functions, is key to their lasting external successes. Whilst a consistent weekly appointment on the same time/day is desirable for therapy, I am open to working flexibly in order to support artists who are away from home and without a predictable routine. We will review therapy as we go and think about working to a desired number of sessions or simply on an ongoing basis.

Neema’s fees

Session fees:
Individuals £100, £120 couples.
Neema offers:
Intro call

Free 15-minute phonecall or Zoom.

Contact Neema:
You can email Neema on
Tel: 07832 334873