MITC’s therapists cannot offer emergency support. If you or someone you know is in need or urgent help, we recommend the following services.

UK resources

For non-emergency help. Consider 999 or A&E for more urgent matters.

24/7 phone service if you need to talk now.

Information and support via phone and email.

24/7 phone support for the UK music community.

General help for musicians’ mental, physical and career health.

Phone support, signposting and guidance for mental health and addiction challenges.

Health and wellbeing services for those in the performing arts industries.

Charity supporting UK-based live event production workers facing hardship, accidents or illness.

Financial support for those in the music sector affected by hardship, accidents or illness.

24/7 mental and financial wellbeing support for technical professionals, crew/production personnel and the live industry.

US resources

Text or WhatsApp support from a volunteer crisis counsellor.

Financial assistance, mental health services, addiction recovery, health programmes and more.

Financial and mental health support for musicians and music industry workers facing financial difficulties.

Organisation improving health of performing artists through education, research and networking.

Providing access to healthcare for those in the music industry.

Extensive support for touring personnel.

Mental health and wellness resources for the music industry.

Europe resources

Committed to the protection of the rights of people with psychosocial disabilities, promotion of positive mental health, prevention of mental distress, and improvement of mental health care.

Includes all kinds of specialist consultations including psychological and legal, and a support unit for victims of sexist and/or sexual violence or any form of control in the workplace.

Public body (mainly financed by the Ministry of Culture) offering financial support, advice and publications.

Offering advice, support, training etc, and working notably to prevent social risks and noise pollution.

Dedicated to artists’ health, offering lobbying, training and contacts for medical and psychological consultations.

Charter for welcoming and respecting artistic teams in the live music sector.

Collective non-profit organisation lobbying for mental health in the music industry.

Non-profit organisation offering psychological support to music industry professionals (in Paris).

Australia resources

Crisis relief services for musicians, managers, crew and music workers unable to work due to ill health, injury or a mental health problem.